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Welcome back! Today I wanna share with you some great guitar solo tips.
One of the hardest part of soloing is coordinating the pick with your other hand. Picking is really
hard; oftentimes we can totally play a lick just with our left hand (fretboard hand), but once we
try to pick the strings, it gets harder and harder. Coordinating both hands is not the only issue
we all encounter; another big issue is learning how to pick as fast as your left hand (fretboard)
moves. But guess what? You don’t have to struggle with the pick. There’s an easier way which
in my opinion sounds totally better. What I’m talking about is Hybrid Picking. Hybrid picking
combines the pick with fingers. Guitar players generally use their middle finger and a pick; more
advanced players know how to play using every right hand finger.
I personally think hybrid picking sounds really cool; it brings a more natural element to your
sound because, you’re using your flesh to pick the strings.
Let’s check out a hybrid picking example:


Hybrid picking is often used with legato. In the example above you are basically using the pick
for the 4th string and your middle finger for the 3rd string. This is a great exercise that will help
you improve this technique. It is very important to match the intensity of the pick to the intensity
of the middle finger.
With hybrid picking and legato it’s even easier to play licks that would be very hard to play using
alternate picking:


If you get a cleaner tone with your amp and slightly mute the strings, you can play really cool
licks like this one:


You can also grab a Wah Wah pedal and lay down some slash inspired licks lick this one:


All of this licks sound incredible with hybrid picking. Also, you can achieve speeds that would
otherwise be hard to get with alternate picking. For instance, try playing the lick above with your
nothing but your pick; don’t use legato or any righthand
finger, just your pick. It is very hard and
the tone is not amazing. I guess you can’t really beat the tone of your righthand
Well this is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and please remember to check out
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