Great Guitar Tone Tips To Achieve Better Sound

Welcome back! I wanna share with you some prime guitar tone tips that are gonna improve your
sound 100% more than spending cash on gear.

My first electric guitar ever was an Epiphone Les Paul Special II; I loved it. I played this guitar
for almost 10 years. I did my college audition with this $150 Epiphone, I played shows, shot
videos and many other things. Well, guess what? My tone was great. And it was definitely not
the guitar because come on, no $150 guitar sounds that good; or at least not in 2005. So, what
was the secret to my tone? My hands.

So how did I exactly achieve a great tone with nothing but a normal amp, a pair of hands and a
guitar? I personally think the answer lies within “recording yourself” and, if you think about it, it
makes total sense. Tone is all about the details of the sound that comes out of a guitar into an
amp, and there’s literally no other way to judge your playing without recording yourself and
listening back.

You should be recording yourself whenever you practice, specially these days when it is so
easy to get a recording device / audio interface for under $100.

To conclude with today’s lesson, here are some great tips to improve your sound:
● Record yourself everyday.
● Use a metronome, or else you won’t improve.
● Focus on the way you position your left hand fingers
● Focus on the way you use the Pick.
● Try different Pick models. I’ve had over 30 different Picks until I found the one I really
● Use less distortion. Turn your knob below 12 o’clock in you amp, it will be a little bit
harder to player but eventually you will get used to it.
● Use thicker strings. Try to at least use a gauge of 1046.
● Mute any unused string with either the right side of your right hand or with any left hand
finger that you are not using.

Well that’s all for this lesson. I hope you enjoy the tips and please remember to visit our entire of guitar tips:

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