Guitar Practice Routine To Develop Great Technique II | Video Lesson

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Lead Guitar Lesson – Practice Routine Exercises to
Develop Great Guitar Technique Part 2

Hi. This is Rob Compagna for and
today we are in session II of our three-part series of
daily warm-up exercises. In this lesson we’re going
to focus on pentatonic scale. Once again, from the
prior lesson, I was saying it takes about 30 minutes
a day. I do this every day, for these exercises. It’s
30 minutes but it took me a while to get up to this
point. But the important thing is that you have the
exercise and you stick to it every day, every day.

What we’re going to be doing is, still, like last week, we
are going to be in F major. So we are going to do all
pentatonic scale. Let’s look at the pentatonics in all
five positions. We have, in what’s called the dorian
position, because we have F here. We’re going to do
the Dorian, so it starts on the G, but it’s a pentatonic, so
it’s… And then down. Once again, I have transcriptions
for this in the links to this video, for the description.

The next one is phrygian position. It’s like the normal
pentatonic minor or aeolian mode, which you’ll see in just
a second. The next one is the mixolydian position. The
next one is aeolian, which is pentatonic minor. The
last is ionian or F major, F pentatonic major.

The exercise, the first one I played looped together.
So it looks like this. Now that’s fun. I always do it
with a metronome. Always do it with a metronome.
When I practice every day, it’s always with a metronome.
If you want to hear what that sounds like with a metronome,
I’m doing 8th notes at 100 beats per measure. This is
what it is. Not so bad, huh?

Every day I always track my progress and I’m always
trying to push it to the fastest that I can play it, but
cleanly. If I have any mistakes I’ll back it down a
notch or two. It’ always important to be clean when
you do these exercises.

The next exercise that I do is I do it in groups
of four. Once again, always using the metronome.
The tabs are located in the description of
this video, the links to it.

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