How to Set Goals in your Practice Routine

Here´s Jon with some guitar practicing tips!

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How’s it going everyone. My name is John McClennan
and I’m here with, bringing you
another lesson for the video blog.

What I want to talk about today is setting goals.
Every month I set for myself practice goals and
things that I’m going to be working on. I think
particularly as guitar players we tend to just
get on our instruments and maybe noodle or jam
and you’ve got to remember if you’re trying to
get the most out of your playing you have to be
a little bit more structured, I think, and have
a focus.

Why I have my iPad here is because I literally
have written-down, okay, I practice a bunch of
different styles of music, I have tunes that
I’m working on and I log tempos that they’re at.
This last week I was working on soloing over
“Limehouse Blues” which is an awesome version
that I was listening to with Chet Atkins and
Jerry Reed. And then I go into my classical A
tunes that I’m practicing and then some jazz,
chord voicings for “Stella” by Starlight.

This way I have a focus on what I’m working on.
When I sit down and go, oh, what am I going to
practice today? Well, I can say, okay, well what
will I do tomorrow and what do I have on my
schedule, my goals for this month. And then you
can literally see month-to-month your progress
and you can make those tempo marks. Hey, last
week I was playing this song at 220 beats per
minute and now I’m at 225 and that’s 5 bpm faster.
So I’m making progress.

Sometimes when you’re hearing yourself playing
everyday you’re used to your playing and you
feel like, am I getting better? Sometimes you
feel like you don’t know. This is a great tool.
Write down your practice schools.

Thanks for watching and we’ll catch you in the
next lesson.

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