How To Play A Guitar Lick With Exotic Bends


check out this cool lesson on an exotic bending

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Exotic Bend Lesson + Demo of Spear Snakeskin Guitar

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here from
and I’ve got a nice mini lesson for you today, showing
you an exotic bend and also, I’m going to demonstrate
the Spear S-100 SS Snakeskin guitar. So let’s jump right
into it. Here’s the lick of the day. Once again.

With exotic bends, they sound good in combination.
So this lick actually has three exotic bends. We’re
starting in the key of B pentatonic. I’m on my G string,
7th fret to 9th fret with a hammer-on. And then I tap
the 14th fret. So that’s my first three notes. I’m actually
pulling off to the first note. So I have my finger already
on the 14th fret and I just pull-off and then hammer-on and
then tap. Right now our first bend comes and I’m going to
keep my tapping finger down. But I’m actually bending with
my left hand. So I’m bending the 9th fret and that’s actually
going to force the string up. You could try to bend with your
tapping finger, but that’s not very efficient. So you’re actually
bending here, even though this finger is holding it down.
So that’s the first exotic bending technique.

Now here’s what’s really cool. When we have that note
bent I’m actually going to pull-off with my tapping finger.
Pull-off and then release the bend. That gives it a very
exotic sound, almost sounds like a Japanese koto, which
is a traditional Japanese string instrument.

And then before I completely release the note back I’m
going to start another bend. I’m going to pull-off, kind
of pull-off and bend down, or choke the string with my
1st finger. And I’ll end the lick hammering-on to the
9th fret of the D string. So the whole thing once again,
slowly. And you can play it a little faster.

The Spear S-100 SS features a mahogany body with double
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pickup selector switch, two amazing sounding alnico PAF style
Spear pickups and, of course, this incredible looking snakeskin
finish, which not only look cool, but it actually feels
cool with scaly bumps.

Here’s how it sounds on the clean channel with
the bridge pickup. And the neck pickup. Let me
turn on some distortion and pay a solo for you.

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