How To Teach Yourself To Play Guitar

Hey Peeps! CMC here. Finally, an article I can relate to!
Just kidding but the fact is, that’s exactly what I did and I
came out OK!

In another post I lauded and sang the praises of taking
lessons, of studying. But ya know what? Not everyone is going
to do that. There are just a whole lot of knuckle heads out
there like me that just have to do it themselves. Now,
technically speaking, that’s totally impossible. No one can
figure it all out on their own. Just like Dean Martin sang
“everybody loves somebody…sometimes,” everybody learns from
somebody…all the times! The fact is, there is no such thing
as “solo” guitar. There are show offs (like me) who like to
think they can do it all but we all need some kind of friend
or online mentor to show us the basics.

So, now that you’ve been warned- here we go. How do you TEACH
YOURSELF GUITAR? Here are a few simple steps that worked for

1. Find a good guitar that fits your personality. Avoid
something with such high action (that’s the distance between
the strings and the fret board)that it’s painful or difficult
to play. For me, the easier the action, the better. Guitar is
already hard enough without making it worse! You dont have to
spend a fortune. If You’re not yet sure you are in this thing
for life, maybe just spend $50 or a few hundred. Strats are
always on sale; used ones can be better than new ones
sometimes. But try them all. Play a bunch of them. Visit your
local music store. And then there are strings-nylon strings
are so much easier than metal (acoustic guitar) and check out
the various gauge sizes for electric guitar strings. The
thinner , the easier. Go easy on yourself, make it fun. The
more fun, the more you will want to play and the better
you’ll get.

2. Find a good friend who knows how to play! Yes, there are
dozens, thousands of great YouTube guitar channels, websites
and what have you but there is nothing like a friend who can
actually play. If you can, find someone better than you but
not so much better that you’ll feel like a complete loser. If
the dude (or girl) is too good, chances are, they might not
want to (or be able to) waste their time with a total
beginner. But make sure, as well that the person knows what
they’re doing. Do they impress you with their ability? Do
they wow you? That’s good-they are part and parcel of the
inspiration (and competition) you’ll need to motivate you.

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3. Practice makes perfect! You’ll need to practice as often
as you can. If you just want to learn basic three chord
progression, (the basis of a huge amount of blues, rock,
country and who knows what other kinds of music) hey, no
worries. Anyone can do that in a few hours. But I think you
might want more than that. And if you do, make it a habit to
set aside time every day. Even if you can only get ten
minutes in, per day-do it! If you can do an hour-do it! I
remember times -at my peak, when I set aside something like
six hours a day, six days a week, to practice scales. Believe
me, you get good really fast when you do this!

Nothing best than having the right tools to learn by yourself.

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