The Art of the Blues Riff - Volume II

Sneak Peek #4: Diagonally Stacked Tritones And Other Dom7 Tricks

In this new sample lesson, we’ll go over:

– More examples of different Dom7 tonalities
– How to simplify the many possibilities to gain mastery
– How to get a sweet, “ringing” sound from your guitar
– New possibilities you probably haven’t encountered

Sneak Peek #3: Harmonic Blues Recipes All Over The Neck

Sneak Peek #2: 6 Must Know Tools For Blues Guitar Riffs And Grooves

In this new sample lesson, we’ll go over:

-The 5 positions on the neck (no matter what chord or scale)
-Importance of grove and how to use groove in your playing
-How riffs become real music
-More “go to” shapes you’ll find useful
-How chord shapes overlap positions
-How licks come automatically from grooves and riffs

Sneak Peek #1: Deconstructing the Dom7 Chord

Aside from all the food metaphors, I think you’ll find this to be a very powerful and unique  approach to coming up with new sounds.  

Instead of getting fancy with crazy chords like Gsus13 or whatever, let’s go the opposite way and find all the mini harmonies hiding inside the basic chords.

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