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Claude Johnson here and I want to make you another special offer that is literally going to transform your guitar journey like you deserve…

As I’ve studied players such as Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson and Shawn Lane one thing I found they all have in common is they can play keyboards.

Those killer string skipping arpeggios that Paul Gilbert plays are inspired from keyboards.

Eric Johnson said that learning the basics of piano is essential to being a well rounded guitarist.

Shawn Lane said in an interview that learning keyboards helped increase his speed on guitar.

This really got my curiosity for the keyboards going, but honestly I was a little intimidated about it… The piano just seemed too complicated compared to my trusty axe.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you then you’re in the same boat as many other guitarists… Well I have good news for you…

Ozzie Ahlers made a keyboard course for us called Killer Keyboards Made Simple and it’s just that… Simple.

Having the right material will save a lot of time and wasted effort on mismatched lessons found online. This pack has all you need to get you in the right direction. From easy chords and chord progressions and eventually tons of songs under your belt.

Tons of songs? Why yes… I am also including Roy Marcom’s Ultimate Piano Song Collection Volume 1 & 2. All of the best piano tunes presented on a silver platter that you can get down in record time.

If you were to buy all 6 of these courses individually, they’d cost you $543 but right now I’m going to give you all of them for $390, which will save you $153.

Plus as an added bonus I am throwing in Bass Zone Formulas Volume 1 & 2. These courses will have you slapin’ da’ bass in record time my friend.

So you’ll get…

1- 🎹 Killer Keyboard Made Simple – Vol 1 – $97

2- 🎹 Killer Keyboard Made Simple – Vol 2 – $97

3- 🎹 Killer Keyboard Made Simple – Vol 3 – $97

4- 🎹 Ultimate Piano Song Collection – Vol 1 – $49

5- 🎹 Ultimate Piano Song Collection – Vol 2 – $49


6- 🎸 Bass Zone Formulas Vol 1: $77

7- 🎸 Bass Zone Formulas Vol 2: $77

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