Right Chords To Use On A Standard Tuning Guitar

Technically speaking, you could tune your guitar to a chord
and not fret any notes… Then you’d be playing a chord
with only one hand.
But ok, that’s just being too clever for our own good.
What’s the simplest chord we can play that actually
sounds good on a standard tuning guitar?
We can put one finger on the second fret of the
A string, and strum all 6 strings to get an Em7
Other simple chords are Em, G, D, C, and Am.
But if you probably also should learn how to
get in tune and know the names of the notes
and the strings before you even start learning
chords. That’s really important.
I recommend you grab my 17 page guide
to learning all this cool stuff. It’s available
on the home page of my website.
I’ll show you all these chords and how to put them into chord progressions.


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