Most Annoying Guitar Problem SOLVED!

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Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here and
I’ve got an awesome gift for you today.

One of the most annoying problems
for a guitar player is when the input
jack on your electric guitar
comes loose. Now if you’ve been playing
for a while, like me, you’ve
experienced this. You’ve gotten a
perfectly good guitar and then one day
you plugged in your guitar cable and you
noticed the jack has come loose.

The little washer that holds the input jack
has loosened over time. So you try
tightening it with your fingers
and forget about it. Then the
next time you play it’s gotten
even worse, maybe totally come
undone. Now it’s really annoying
and you’ve got to take your guitar
apart and take it down to the shop.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a
Fender or a Gibson, because those
little input jacks just like to
come loose over time. You try
tightening it with your hand,
which doesn’t last, you can try
finding the right tool, but even
the right sized wrench is hard to
work with and can scratch your
guitar. But not to worry because
I have the solution.

Introducing a revolutionary new tool
called Guit-Tite. This is a patented
ingeniously simple plastic tool that
slips over the washer and
you can make sure your guitar
jack is always tight. It’s small
so you can keep it in your guitar
case or wherever your guitar is and
you’ll always have a solution if you
notice your input jack is loose. Or even
better, you can give it a quick turn each
time you change the strings so you’ll
never have to deal with this annoying
problem ever again.

Best of all, I’m going to give you the
Guit-Tite free today, courtesy
of Wyatt at One Chord Music who
invented the Guit-Tite. We’ve got
a limited number of these at, all we ask is a
couple of bucks to help us cover the
shipping. So hook yourself up and click
the link below, fill-out your information
and thanks for watching.

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