The "From Zero to Hero" Series Promo is over but you can still save $134

Wanna go from zero to hero in 10 days? Yes, I know that the name sounds a bit pretentious, but without a doubt, you will have all the tools to be a more than decent guitarist.

Each one of this series is indispensable and important in itself, but all three make up a much broader package since they cover different stylistic and technical aspects. Keep in mind that each one lasts almost 3 hours.

🎸 Zero to Hero: Acoustic Guitar: Mike Baelde is going to teach you the most important technical resources when playing this instrument. In addition, you will learn 35 essential songs to play in any situation. Dylan, Gn’R, CCR, Redding, Hendrix, Floyd, Eagles, Cash, Beatles, Zeppelin, Kravitz and many more. (click the link for the entire list)

🎸 From Zero to Hero: Blues Guitar: Here you will learn all the secrets of blues, such as accompaniment, language, licks, solos, etc.

🎸 From Zero to Hero: Lead Guitar: In this course you will learn the essential resources when it comes to playing lead guitar. Such as vibrato, bendings, licks, scales, and much more.

This package has everything you need to get you on a good level, both to play at a party or campfire for your friends, and to take your first steps if you want to dedicate yourself to music professionally.

For this weekend only you can access the 3 courses for less than the price of 1. Take advantage now before they return to the original price.

If you were to buy them individually, they’d cost you $291 but right now I’m going to give you all of them for just $157 which will save you $134.

But that’s not all, I will throw in a bonus for you. You will also get Silvio Gazquez’s 25 Must-Know Blues Turnaround Licks Ebook course.

You’ll get…

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