How To Play Thank You by Led Zeppelin

Guitar Control presents instructor Mike B on how to play Thank You by Led Zeppelin.


Thank You By Led Zeppelin

Hello fellow guitarist. Mike B here with Guitar Control and we’re talking about picking arpeggios. This is Thank You by Led Zeppelin. So we’re going to start off here on a D chord then we’re going to add our sus4. So we start off just playing the open D to the G  and we play our D sus for one time and then we do an upstroke on regular D and then we do a down up on Dsus2, which is with our second finger off for that, then back to a downstroke on D. So that’s so far… one more time… Now we’re going to go down down up on our D chord and then we’re going to take our finger off do Dsus2 down stroke on regular D…  one more time… again… Now you have to do a little re-figuring here. We have to jump our second finger over to the third fret of the A string and our first finger jumps down, second finger on the high E and then we add our pinky in for that sus. We’re going to play the A string then the G string and then do the exact same pattern of those, so again… So we take that back from the first one and my first finger jumps on to the second fret of the A string; so I played the D string, sorry the A string, and the G string and do that little motif. So one more time… back to the original D chord and then you repeat, that’s the whole…

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