How to Do A Funky 2-chord Jam Session On Acoustic Guitar

Hey folks …welcome to another video from Jimmy Dillon.

This is from the upcoming MODERN ACOUSTIC GUITAR
course – 3 DVDs with tabs, coming out on April 24th…

Before we go any further I want to explain a little
bit of what I’m doing here. We’re talking about modern
acoustic guitar. I’ve got Duane holding down the bottom
here and we had a little loop going, but I want to show
you just some raw modern acoustic. I was kind of doing a…

You’ll hear a lot of that kind of stuff in some of the
modern music today, whether it’s a funky kind of acoustic
band situation or even just a solo artist. I like the
key of E for this kind of stuff because you can get that…
So I’ll just do like an E7th to an A7th, lots of ways
you can play that. If you were down here in the first
position you could just do… If you play it in this
position it’s a little more funky.

If you’re just by yourself and you’re wanting to
create almost a band kind of sound, one way to do
that is just to utilize that low E string. Now
I’m jumping from the D to an E. And then I’m
going to an open A string. You want those open
A strings, the open E and A. So back and forth.

What I’ve got going on rhythmically… It’s almost as if
my right hand is a drum. We had a loop going, but if you…

You’ll notice I’m playing in my second chord, my A
chord, I go up to an A7th. Again, these are those
partials that we’re been talking about during the
lesson here. If you look at this position closely,
like your D7th is here. All the way up here is your
A7th. And you’ve still got that open A. So that’s
basically a back-and-forth. Now what you can do is,
you heard me going… That’s almost like a Sly Stone
kind of lick, isn’t it? If you incorporate that into
acoustic guitar it gets really exciting.

So there are a million things you can do with that,
just those two chords back and forth. As far as what
kind of licks you can play on that, it’s endless.
But a lot of this kind of stuff you can get sort
of a… Any kind of punctuated funky, one-stringed
stuff goes good against that.

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