Eclectic Electric DVD

Hey all,

Im checking in to say this has been our best launch to date. Thanks very much for your interest and enthusiasm for my Eclectic Electric DVD series! I must say this was a total blast to make and I learned a lot doing it.

I also enjoyed creating a “tree”outlining the history of my favorite electric guitarists of all time…I really dug the colorful and impassioned comments. My hope is that by sharing my influences perhaps you all will check out some of the less famous but really great players I mentioned….and hopefully create a tree of your own.

Ive been doing a lot of session work lately and what I love about that is the diversity factor. Last week I was hired to do some mandolin style work along side an accordionist….and found out Jeff Beck had been in the studio just before my session working with some buddies of mine here in SF. I heard some great stories about the session I will be sharing with you soon…OK more from the the world of eclectic electric soon.



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