How To Improve On The Deeper Aspects of Blues Guitar Playing

Hey guys! Gaby Soule here from, today we’re going to talk about different things that we can do to improve our playing, trying to get over all the elements that keep us away from how we want to sound and starting to get our inner blues guitar unleashed.

As long as you practice exercises you will become better and better at playing them. The same thing that applies to technique works for all the other aspects of playing like expression, phrasing and, of course, improvisation.

If you want your licks to be connected with each other, and with the band or backing tracks you play over, you need to work on that specific subject. And if you want your phrasing to flow like it happens to most guitar players we all like, you need to face that precise item and work hard on it.

Many times we make the mistake of thinking that by practicing legato exercises we’re going to become better with the pick, and most of the times it doesn’t work like that. The problem could be that many of the things where we feel stuck with the guitar seem to be a little bit abstract, and it looks like it is hard to find a real way to develop those characteristics of our playing.


Anyway, there is always a way to work on every single aspect of the guitar. May be technique is an easier thing to face at first sight because we can practice concrete finger or picking exercises to solve very specific technical issues, but remember that also bendings, vibrato, phrasing and improvisation, among many other subjects, can and must be practiced to be improved.

A simple way to start experimenting with this is to create licks that combine different things at the same time, just like it happens when we are really improvising a solo. (Sample 1)


Remember that if you are willing to dedicate your time to the guitar there will always be a way to get better at those things we all want to master.

Keep on playing! See you soon!

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