Many Ways To Play This Easy Guitar Tablature

Welcome back! today I wanna share with you a very easy guitar tablature.

There are many different ways to play chords. You can strum them with a pick, with your fingers,
you can pull the strings with your fingers, you can also arpeggiate them.

Arpeggiating a chord is a really cool way to make a chord progression sound more melodic. It’s also a very easy way to
fill upggiate them:


This type of progression reminds me of Radiohead and Led Zeppelin. Nevertheless, it sounds
good just like that, but if we arpeggiate it, it sounds even cooler; check it out:


This type of chord progression is very used in rock ballads, especially those from the 70’s. With
the example above, you can either use a pick or your fingers. If you use a pick, a good is to play
all upstrokes. I know it doesn’t seem like a natural hand movement but trust me, it will be much
easier this way. Some people prefer to use alternate picking for arpeggios but I think it’s quite

If you choose to arpeggiate the chords with your fingers, a good idea is to use your thumb for
the lowest note of the chord. For example, in the first chord I would my thumb for the “0” on the
5th string. Another thing to consider is that we are usually way better with our index, middle and
ring finger. The pinky is just the less strong off all so for the notes that you are not playing with
the thumb, I would use the index, middle and ring finger.

If you wanna try something really challenging, then instead of using your thumb, go with a pick
and for the rest of the notes that you would usually use your index, middle or ring finger. use the
middle, ring and pinky finger. This is next level stuff, but if you are able to master the art of
Hybrid Picking (combining pick and fingers) then you done.

This is all for today. I hope you enjoyed this article and please remember to check out all of our
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