Some Of The Ways to Play An Easy Guitar

The guitar is what I like to call a relative instrument. How easy or hard it becomes is relative to the amount of effort and work you put into it. For some people, it’s a walk in the park, but for others, it becomes calluses and bloody fingers. This post is going to show you some easy stuff to play on your guitar. Whether you’re a beginner or like to take it slow, these are all for you.


For those of you confused by the image, it is the famous Ode to Joy by Beethoven. It is heralded as one of the first songs guitarists learn when plucking individual notes. It was one of my first ones too! The rhythm is very simple, the tempo is slow enough, and to top it all off, you only have to use the high e and b strings.


If you like to play chords over notes, then this one should be more up your alley. Each verse in Amazing Grace is played the same way. So if you can get the chords and pattern for the first one, then you’re set for the rest of the tune. And with only having to use G, C, and D, who’s complaining?


And finally, we have some chords. The basic ones you probably know by now are up there. But then you have chords like B and F. These are generally very hard chords to play when in their standard forms. Above are easier ways to play them. It won’t sound quite the same, but for the most part, the pitch will be correct and you’ll be sounding just fine!


These are just some of the ways to play an easy guitar. If you’re just starting out, this is a good place to begin. If you’re taking it slow, kudos to you for putting forth the effort, and I encourage you to challenge yourself more! With a guitar, you can never go wrong with learning something new. And never stop playing!

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