Guitar Websites

There are countless websites devoted to guitar players. They offer content ranging from the history of guitars to how to play guitar. There are free guitar websites and commercial guitar websites, websites devoted to guitar tab, and websites that offer free guitar lessons. Any guitarist who spends a little time browsing the Internet is likely to find more guitar-related websites than he could possibly visit in a lifetime.

Some of the best guitar websites are the websites that offer guitar tablature. When I was younger, I didn’t have the Internet and I spent a lot of money buying guitar tab books. Not everything I wanted to play came in a tab book, so I had to rely on playing by ear a lot of times. Today there is almost nothing you can’t find on a guitar tab website. Just about any song you can think of has been set out in tab.

Video guitar websites are also cool. Video lessons are like having private instructors on hand twenty-four/seven. It’s a phenomenal way to learn. Jazz guitar technique, scale and chord exercises, sweep picking, classical technique, and composing for the guitar are just some of the lessons you can find online. You could never afford to pay for all the information the numerous guitar websites offer aspiring and advanced guitar players.

The meat an potatoes of the guitar websites are the websites that present written lessons aimed at guitarists of all levels. The two picking exercises below are examples of the kinds of exercises you can find on numerous guitar websites.




The next example shows the evolution from a major chord to a ninth. Chord construction is an important part of guitar playing, and finding lessons online that show you how to use scales to develop chords is easy. In addition to guitar websites that focus on music theory, many of the tab websites show you how to construct chords and scales as well.


It doesn’t matter what you want to learn or what your interests are. The Internet is a virtual playground for guitar players of all levels. History, playing advice, lessons for beginners and advanced players, and a wealth of material that will keep you busy for the life of your career. Guitar websites are here to stay, so unpack your guitar and let it rock.

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