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If you’ve got an Internet connection and a computer (or a phone or tablet), you can learn guitar online. The online world is filled with high-quality lessons of all types—everything from basic beginner lessons to more advanced playing techniques and fretboard theory. You can learn how to read tablature or standard music notation, how to build scales and chords, how to sweep pick, how to play the blues, fingerpicking techniques, how to play classical music, or how to make power chords and crank out your favorite heavy metal and rock anthems. You can learn these things and so much more when you choose to learn guitar online.

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The best news is, many of these lessons are absolutely free. They come in the form of guitar blogs, videos on YouTube, social media posts, and retail websites that have a product to sell. That’s because everybody knows people these days turn to the Internet for just about everything, and everybody is scampering to be the people who give you the information you’re looking for.


This makes learning to play guitar using online resources a guitar player’s market. The information is out there. All you have to do is decide what you want to learn, get online, and seek it out. These are the best online resources to help you learn guitar online.


Specialty websites that sell guitar-related product can provide some of the best guitar instruction there is. They have a product to sell, sure, but smart companies understand that not everybody buys something right away, so they provide free material to bring you in, betting that when you do decide to buy something, their company will probably be where you buy it from. Why? Because they’ve already been providing you with free resources and you have an idea about the quality of their products. It’s a win/win for them and for guitar players looking to learn guitar online.

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Video websites like YouTube are a goldmine when you want to learn guitar online. They offer a world of video guitar instruction at all levels that you can access day or night and watch as often as you need to. These videos cover everything from general guitar tips to intense instruction on specific topics.

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Tab guitar websites shouldn’t be overlooked as educational sites. There’s no better ay to learn t play guitar than by playing some of the songs that inspired you to place in the first place. There are way too many guitar tablature websites to count, but you can find just about anything you want to play online.


If you want to learn guitar online, there really is no better time to get started than now.

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