Useful Tips For Beginners on Guitar Playing

Hey kids- it’s CMC here, writing to you from under the
Hollywood sign. Grace and peace, y’all. I want to talk to you
briefly again, today about PLAYING GUITAR. How awesome is
that? I mean, how can anyone even begin to write about
something so awesome, so creative, artistic…so musical, so
freakin’ crazy good? But heck, I will give it a shot and
hopefully live up to the challenge, if not everyone’s
expectations. Some of you here are in it for charts and
diagrams and theory. I’m not heavy on that yet but in time I
will deliver those goods.

Right now, I’m still in a more casual mode and I hope you can
groove with that. In fact, playing guitar is an interesting
combo of both heavy music theory and “casual” strummin’ and
pickin,’ right? And this is part of the charm of the
instrument; it’s easy transition from a Margaritaville-like
vibe of goofin off, to- Phrygian scales, Pentatonic-esque
raging riffs and all things in between.

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Playing guitar is so “all things to all people.” It’s such a
universal language. It’ such a rewarding thing-I almost
wonder why it’s almost not a requirement in High School-how
awesome would that be?

Well, that would depend on where you are at in the game and
in your life. You might be doing a casual thing or you might
be wanting to make this a livelihood. So, I keep saying this
over and over but it’s true-figure that out FIRST. Once you
know your end-game, your exit strat(egy) so to speak, you can
more clearly define your entrance, your game, you style and
level of commitment.

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So, to summarize: figure out what you want to do with this.
Figure out what kind of time and money investment you are
making or willing to make. Practice accordingly. Some of you
might build up callus’s in a few days, some of you are so
casual, that might never happen at all. Always ENJOY what you
are doing. And never take it for granted. If you have time,
ability, skill, talent, consider yourself blessed-not
everyone does. And if you are a girl, the ranks of girl
shredders are multiplying exponentially! Welcome to the club!

So wherever and whoever you are…rock on!

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