4 Ways to Make Learning the Guitar More Fun

Doing the same thing every day can get boring, no matter how much you may enjoy it. While some people thrive on routines, others see them as monotonous, and they quickly lose interest. Here are some tips to help make learning the guitar more fun if you feel yourself falling into a practice rut.

Change Up Your Practice Routine
To keep learning the guitar fun and exciting, move things around and practice certain skills every other day, instead of every day. While it’s great to get some practice time in on a daily basis, if you find yourself getting bored, for example, try only practicing scales on odd days of the week, and chords on even days. Or try learning something new every day, or break larger pieces or techniques into parts to practice across an entire week.

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Incorporate Music You Love
Playing just scales, chords, or sight reading can also cause someone to lose interest in learning guitar. To add inspiration so you feel revved up to play every day, try learning some actual songs from your favorite musicians. Whether that means tackling a solo or learning a new chord to sing over, music can be a lot more fun when you incorporate songs that already inspire you.

Think About Why You Started Playing in the First Place
Sometimes, all it takes is just a little reminiscing. Remember why you originally wanted to pick up the guitar. Was it because your favorite musician plays? Was it because you love to sing and write your own music? Think about the reason, and you might automatically find inspiration there and a newfound interest.

Play With Friends
One of the best ways to learn, and also to feel inspired, is to do things with others. And learning the guitar is no different! If you have friends that play other instruments, or even friends who play guitar, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to jam together. You’ll have fun, and every musician can bring something new to the table and learn from one another. You might also even start writing songs with them, and that will give you enough inspiration to last a while!

So if you’ve been getting tired of playing your guitar lately, try mixing up your musician lifestyle by doing any or all of these things! You never know where you’ll end up. You may just stumble upon a new musician, a new lick that changes how you think about music, or you may even start writing the song that will one day make you famous!

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