Basic Acoustic Guitar Lesson on Chords

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Basic Acoustic Guitar Lesson on Chords

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here with and
I want to give you some real super-easy, beginner tips to
get started with guitar. In the past I’ve talked a lot
about learning what I call the seven basic chords.
But if those are even too tough I’m just going to give
you a real simple way to get started here.
We’re going to just do two chords.

The first chord is just one finger. Middle finger on
the 2nd fret of the A string and you strum all six
strings. That’s your E minor 7 chord. Your next chord
is A minor 7. This one you’re going to put your middle
finger on the 2nd fret of the D string and your first
finger on the 1st fret of the B string. This one
you’re just going to strum the top five strings.

It’s a two chord progression: E minor 7; A minor 7.
I want you to strum it just like that. All you have
to do is count: one, two, three, four; one, two,
three, four; one, two, three, four. The easiest
chords, easiest strum pattern.

Now, if you want, you can expand that. Instead of one,
two, three, four; you can do one-and, two-and, three-and,
four-and; and on the end you’re going to go up. The first
way, you should always be going down: downstroke, downstroke,
downstroke, downstroke. With the and you can do downstroke,
upstroke; downstroke, upstroke. When I’m coming back up
I’m letting my pick hit the strings.

I hope that made sense. I’d like to invite you to
check-out my beginner guitar course. It’s called the
Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course and you can check
it out at It’s an amazing
course because I go over everything you need to know
to get started: chords, strumming, you name it,
everything. And then I also give 75 amazing examples
of learning this killer repertoire of songs just based
on knowing the basic chords and how to put them
together into progressions. I call that the one, two,
three guitar system. Number one, learn the basic chords;
two, put them together into progressions and then three,
you can add a few more things and you’re basically
playing all your favorite songs.

Once again, check it out
Thanks for watching. Take care.