Easy Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Here at GuitarControl.com, we offer a wide range of great guitar lessons for guitar players at every level. If you take a look around our website, you’ll see a ton of lessons that you’ll be interested in, but if you’re just someone who is just starting out playing the guitar, take a look at the following easy guitar lessons available on our website.

Easy Guitar Tab
Many books and websites with guitar lessons simply overlook teaching how to read guitar tablature. It’s such a basic skill that every single guitar player really needs to know, but often it’s assumed that you’ll just pick it up on your own. I’ve known some beginners who read guitar tabs upside down for months before somebody told them they were doing it wrong. You can only imagine how frustrating it must be for a new guitar player to be trying his or her hardest with a song, but they are reading the tab incorrectly.

The Easy Guitar Tab lesson at GuitarControl.com doesn’t take for granted that you would immediately know how to understand guitar tab. We walk you through what guitar tabs are and why they’re used for the guitar as well as other fretted instruments. We even teach you to play the classic riff from the Rolling Stones’ hit “Satisfaction.” With this lesson, you can’t go wrong!

Easiest Guitar Song
If you’re looking for a quick and easy song to learn, look no further than our lesson on the easiest guitar song. For this lesson, we selected the highly recognizable Trogg’s tune “Wild Thing.” It uses a basic 3 power chord progression, and we give you the chord charts as well as explanations of what makes a power chord.

“Wild Thing” is a great song for those of you who are just starting out. While it may not be the height of classic rock, this tune is fun and everybody knows it. Have a good time playing this song to whoever will listen!

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Easy Guitar Song
If you’re looking for more great easy guitar songs, take a look at our easy guitar song lesson. This great guitar lesson gives you the chords for 4 more great songs and even gives you tips on how to play them! Most of the songs use simple G, C and D chord progressions, but some also use a bit more complicated chords, but they are covered well in this awesome lesson.

If you still haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, or you’re looking for other easy guitar lessons, browse around our website! We’re constantly updating our blog with new resources for you!

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