How To Play The Guitar – What Every Beginner Should Know

The guitar is a stringed instrument, electric or acoustic, used in a wide variety of musical genres. While some guitars have varying numbers of strings, the most common is six. The strings are tuned (from high to low) as E-B-G-D-A-E.


Guitar is a popular choice for beginners who want to learn how to play music. Its versatility makes it ideal as a starting instrument, and its use in pop, rock, and country makes it an instrument many students aspire to play professionally.

Learning to play guitar today is easy because so many guitar methods are aimed at teaching guitar for beginners. YouTube lessons, DVD courses, method books, and online instructional web sites offer lessons covering everything from the basic of how to tune a guitar to how to apply scale and mode patterns to the fretboard. Beginning students can practice from the comfort of their own home at their own pace, learning to play songs on the guitar, learning musical theory as it applies to the guitar, and even learning how to write songs for the guitar.

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A beginning guitar player should focus on learning chords and strumming techniques in the beginning. Scales are helpful and can be useful later on, but chords are the building blocks of musical harmony and should be a part of regular training from the start. In fact, many players learn how to play guitar well without ever having studied scales in any form, while all guitar players play chords.

If you dream of writing your own songs, guitar is one of the most popular instruments for songwriters (along with the piano). You don’t need to know a lot about playing guitar to write a song. Many great songs have been written by songwriters who simply scratched some basic chord changes over lyrics.

No matter what you want to pursue musically, guitar is an instrument that lends itself well to players of all skill levels, and learning guitar for beginners can be a rewarding pursuit that you carry with you through life.

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