Best Ways To Learn Guitar On The Web

Hey guys! Gaby Soule here from, today we’re going to talk about the best ways to learn guitar on the web, and how you can take a good guitar lesson online.

Not so long ago you had to be ready to travel if you wanted to study with a good guitar teacher. Of course you can still do so if you want to, but the new technologies have brought other possibilities, and students from all over the world are using them to learn with their favorite guitarists without even leaving their rooms. This is the beginning of a new era in the evolution of guitar.

Some years ago records were shipped from one country to another, and we depended on the music they played on the radio or on TV. The world of guitar was a lot slower than it is now.

The possible choices were restricted to the technical limitation of changing from one channel to another. Guitar magazines were edited monthly, and they had to travel between continents, and it wasn’t that easy to find the right instructional videos, you had to buy them first before you could really tell if it was or not what you were looking for.


But things were cool anyway and a lot of outstanding players came out constantly by decades. Now we have the chance of looking for an exact exercise, scale pattern or sequence (see Sample 1). We can find the tab of our favorite solos and riffs with very accurate note per note transcriptions and, at the same time, we can share our opinion on the quality of the stuff that is being shared on the web.


All this things bring us the chance of getting closer to what we want to become as guitar players. Finding the right guitar instructor to give you a good guitar lesson online is now something you can do with the help of online videos, articles and much more. You can decide what you want to learn and who is going to be the right person to help you with your guitar project.

This is a good moment to study, now go get your guitar and start playing!
See you soon!


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