No Stairway – The Forbidden Guitar Store Riffs Vol-1

Learn to play the forbidden guitar store riffs in volume one of the three part series from Guitar Control instructor Darrin Goodman. Be sure to get the free tabs for this lesson and you can get kicked out of Guitar Center today!

forbidden riffs


Hey everybody how’s it going? This is Darrin with bringing you this video lesson. Today is part one of a series that I’m going to be doing on riffs to play to get kicked out of Guitar Center. So we all do it, we all go into Guitar Center or the local music store, pick up a guitar and just start playing. So I’ve compiled a list of riffs that will get you kicked out of Guitar Center and we’re going to go over those riffs. So be sure to click the link in the description for the tabs and let’s get started.

Forbidden Riff-1 – Smoke On The Water

All right so the first one we’re going to look at is the riff from Smoke On The Water and this one’s fairly easy, you may already know it, this is one of the first riffs that lots and lots of people learn. So we’re going to be playing it just on the D and G string, so just on your center strings here. We start off with playing it open and then we’re going to go to the third fret on both strings; so we’re playing the both strings and tandem at the same frets. So we have open, then to the third fret, then to the fifth fret, then open, three, six, five, open, three, five, three and open. So that’s a riff that is for sure to get you kicked out of Guitar Center.

Forbidden Riff-2 – Smells Like Teen Spirit

All right so the next one we have is Smells Like Teen Spirit. Now I believe on this that they are tuned down a half step, possibly a whole step, but I’m just going to show you how to play it in standard tuning because more than likely you wouldn’t be changing the tuning on a guitar that you just pick up off the shelf in a music store, but then maybe you will. This one is just made up of just the fifth power chords and the first one we’ve got is F5; so my first finger is on the first fret of the low E string, third finger is on the third fret of the A string. We start this off we’ve got three strums of that, so it’s a eighth note, then it’s a dotted eighth, a sixteenth note and then another dotted eighth note; so you can think of it as like… so long, short, long and then we follow that with three muted strums. So I’m just going to take my fingers and lay them like this and then just do the strum. Then we move to B flat five (Bb5); so we’re just going to take that shape and move it straight up so now we’re on the first fret of the A string and the third fret of the D string and we’ve got two strums and a mute and then just those strings open. Then we come back to the low E and A string at the fourth fret and the sixth fret and we have the same strum, but this time with the mutes it’s one two three four. Then we’re going to move that shape straight up to the A and D string, still at the fourth and sixth fret, and we’ve got three and then two mutes and then it basically just starts over again.

Forbidden Riff-3 – Sweet Home Alabama

All right then we’ve got Sweet Home Alabama and what more riff could be possibly more annoying for a guitar store employee to hear over and over and over again than Sweet Home Alabama? So we start off we just got a regular D chord and we’re going to hit the D string twice and then follow that with the B and then G string; so it’s D string twice, B string, G string, D string and then we’re gonna go to a C add nine (Cadd9). So just leave your third finger where it is here for the D and then move your first finger the second fret of the D string and your second finger to the third fret of the A string and then we’re going to pick the A string and then just release your pressure so you just kind of get that… you can do it with the open string, but I kind of like the mute, and then follow that with the B, G and D string and that’s like the first measure. Then move your first and second finger from the D and A string to the A and low E string. So now we’re doing a G we’re gonna do that same… we did with the Cadd9, but now it’s on the low E and then we just hit the D and G string open and then it’s got this little riff. So we start up and just keep your third finger still planted here on the third fret of the B string, makes this easier,

and we’re gonna hit the A string open and do a hammer-on to the second fret then the D string open, hammer-on to the second fret, pull back off and then follow that with the third fret of the A string and then the second fret of the G string with a pick and pull-off. Then starting on the third measure it’s like the beginning again with the D, Cadd9 and G. Now for the second riff you can take your third finger off, we’re just gonna go to the second fret of the G string, first finger pick and pull and then pick and then play the open string again and then go to the fourth fret D string, open and then to the fifth fret of the G string with a full step bend and then it just starts over again.

Make Them Funnier

All right so one of the things that makes this even kind of funnier to do in the music store if you kind of want to go in there and just kind of troll them is to play these riffs, but not play them quite right. A sequence like where you’re gonna have one or two notes that are flat or just have the timing wrong. So if you’re playing Smoke On The Water you could play it kind of sloppy or with the wrong timing. Stuff like that is actually kind of funny.


Alright so there you have it… the first installment of 10 riffs that will get you kicked out of Guitar Center. So if you like this lesson be sure to give me a thumbs up and leave a comment down below if you have any questions about this or other guitar related topics. If you’ve not already done so please subscribe to the channel and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss any of the content that we upload throughout the week. Well that is all I have for you today. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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