How to Do Killer Boogie Blues Guitar Solo | Slide Lick in Major Scale

I’ve really been in the inspiration
zone the last couple days with my

It just feels easier to play for
longer periods of time.

I have a video today that is
going to inspire you also…

It’s from JBL – Jonathon Boogie

He does a really sweet blues solo
(even better than his Guitar Center performance)…

…and then he also gives a lesson
with a nice riff you can work into
your leads.

check it out:

Stay tuned because his new
Blues Guitar Lesson DVDs (with tabs)

Again, they are called “Boogie Blues Magic”…



Now I’m going to show you this cool major lick that I do a lot.
It involves the major scale, obviously. You slide — it’s a slide
lick, as far as sliding with your fingers, not a little slide.

You’re going to be in the key of G here. The lick sounds like this.
So you start on the 1. You’re going to go from the 2, slide to the 3.
You’re on the 3rd fret, 3rd string; 5th fret E string; slide to the
7th fret. And then you pick the 4th fret A string and the 5th fret D
string, which is the V-I. So you’re going to go 1, 2, 3, 5, 1. And
you repeat the same pattern: 1, 2, 3, 5, 1. But you don’t have to
pick the 1 again, you just play straight through it to get all the
way down to the bottom.

Again, that is E string 3rd fret, E string 5th fret, slide to the
7th fret, 5th fret A string, D string 5th fret, slide from 7th to
9th, 7th fret G string, 8th fret B string. When you put it together
you get… And it rolls. You can get nice speed with it.

Now you can also take the same lick in a country form and pick it
to where you get a country pattern with it, and that kind of thing
would be… That’s a famous country lick and it’s the same sort of
thing. You’ve got to get that bop rhythm with it though. It’s all
about the rhythm in your picking hand there and just making sure
that it lines-up with your playing hand. It’s the same exact lick
except you’re just picking it.

And there are many ways you can play. You can rip it up, shred it
up, play it slow, add the B.B. box to it when you get to the bottom.
Sometimes I like to add this little jazz lick. I like to go…

That lick would be 10th fret E string, you go down chromatically,
10th fret, 9th fret, 8th fret, 7th fret then you go 8th fret B string,
G string 9th fret, 7th fret G string, 5th fret G string, slide up
from the 3rd fret to the 4th fret on the G string and then reach up
here with your pinkie and catch the B string 8th fret here. So you get
this. You put them together and you get…

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