How to Play The 12 Bar Blues in E Guitar Riff


Here´s another cool blues guitar riff by Jon MacLennan!

Hope you like it!

Hey, how’s it going everybody?
My name is John McClennan and I’m here
with, bringing you
this video blog. Today we’re going to
talk about breaking-up the blues a
little bit and getting out of some
cliches. And there are some really
fun ways if you dig into the blues
to just play the 12 barre on guitar.

This is a blues in E and one of the
things you might see a lot of the
time is chord comping in a jazz
setting. This kind of a thing over
a blues. And then you also might
see a guitar player play a bass line
like… And this lick combines both
of those things. So you’re playing
the chord and the bass line.

We’re going to start-out with —
I think of this E7 shape, playing
the 6th fret and the 7th fret, and
follow these fingers. Using my second
finger and my pinkie, it’s very important
because we’re going to add a bass line
in between all these notes. So start
with the low E and then I play those
notes with my fingers. And then I’m
going to play that G sharp on the
4th fret; B and then up here to the
4th fret of the 5th string and then
when I come in here to the D, then I
pluck the chord again. And then I come
back down those same notes.

Once, twice, then I transpose that up
one string, now to the A7. So I’ve got
the 6th fret and the 8th fret. Here I’m
going to play the same bass notes, just
one string higher, and then back down to the E.

Now, of course, for the B7 you can do
a variety of things. But here, I got
this from Tommy Emmanuel. That would
be B7 one more time.

Here’s the whole thing.

Be sure to click the link below for the
tab and we’ll see you in the next video.

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