How To Play E Minor Turnaround On Acoustics Blues Guitar

This is a cool turnaround in E minor, in the styles of great bluesmen like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, among others…

Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is John McClennan [phonetic]
and I’m here today with Guitar Control and I want to show you
another blues turnaround in the key of E, and this would be
more in the style of Eric Clapton or maybe even Stevie Ray Vaughan.

I’m doing it on my acoustic and basically we’re going to start
with two low E strings, like this. And then this is a little
figure that you’ll see in countless blues solos, but we’re going
to start on the 2nd fret and the 3rd fret. We’re going to start
here and we’re going to quick-slide it and play it twice. So it
slides up a half-step to 3 and 4.

And then I’m going to take my first finger off and I’m going to
slide with my 2nd finger. And then that’s a slide to the 2nd fret
and then a pull-off. And then 2, pull-off, zero, 2. So that’s like…
A very common blues phrase.

And then you play open, A, 1st fret, 2nd fret. Again, the whole lick
is — slowly. And that’s going to lead you in to the E, as this is a
turnaround in E.

So some of the things you might notice, you might have heard this
in a tune by Freddie King, called “Highway”, a similar thing where
he goes… And his turnaround is that same kind of thing. When you
play these licks or pieces of the language of the music, you
automatically sound authentic. So it’s important to just practice
these things.

I mean, if I pick up a guitar and just play… I mean, it’s
undeniable that that just sounds bluesy. You’ve got to get
that into your ears and under your fingers and it just helps
your chops. So be sure to learn this lick and practice it.
Click the link below for the tab and we’ll see you in the
next video.

One more time on the lick up to speed.

Thanks for watching.

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