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B.B. King is probably the most famous or well-known blues guitarist in the world. It’s hard to think of blues guitar without thinking of B.B. King. He is a household name and has even lent his name to a series of Diabetic product commercials that you have no doubt seen if you live in North America. Born in a small town near Indianola, Mississippi King bought his first guitar for $15 dollars. He followed his cousin, famous blues guitarist Bukka White to Memphis where he initially worked at a Radio Station spinning records. His career began to take flight in 1948 while he was playing for local audiences in and around Memphis who really liked his sound and really took off when in 1949 he started recording for RPM recorders under the infamous Sam Phillips who would later form Sun Records and launch a million careers. B.B. plays his famous guitar “Lucille” to this day and will always be known as one of the greatest blues guitarists to ever walk the face of the earth.

B.B. King

Top 5 Songs

All Over Again

I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water

Blue Shadows

Just a Dream

You’re Still a Parallelogram

Top 3 Albums

Mr. Blues

To Know You Is To Love You

Lucille Talks Back


Year Album RIAA Certification
1956 Singin’ the Blues (Crown Records)
1958 The Blues (Crown Records)
1959 Sings Spirituals (Crown Records)
1961 My Kind of Blues
1962 Mr. Blues
1963 Blues in My Heart
1965 Live at the Regal (live)
1966 Confessin’ the Blues
1967 Blues Is King
The Jungle
1968 Blues on Top of Blues
The Kings’ Jam (Live Bootleg) (w/Jimi Hendrix Live From the Generation Club, NY)
1969 Live & Well
Completely Well
1970 Indianola Mississippi Seeds
1971 Live in Cook County Jail
B. B. King in London
1972 Guess Who
L.A. Midnight
1973 To Know You Is To Love You
1974 Together for the First Time…Live (With Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland) Gold
1974 Friends
1975 Lucille Talks Back
1976 Bobby Bland and B. B. King Together Again…Live
1977 King Size
1978 Midnight Believer
1979 Take It Home
1980 Now Appearing at Ole Miss (live)
1981 There Must Be a Better World Somewhere
1982 Love Me Tender
1983 Why I Sing the Blues
1985 Six Silver Strings
1990 B. B. King and Sons Live (live)
1991 Live at San Quentin
Live at the Apollo (live)
There is Always One More Time
1992 King of the Blues
1995 Lucille & Friends
1996 Favorite Gospel Hymns
1997 Deuces Wild Gold
1997 Best of King Platinum
1998 Blues on the Bayou
1999 Live in Japan
Let the Good Times Roll
2000 Riding with the King 2x Multi-Platinum
Makin’ Love Is Good for You
2003 Reflections
2004 Gospel Blues
2005 The Ultimate Collection
B. B. King & Friends: 80
2007 The Best of the Early Years
2007 Forever Gold: B. B. King Live
2008 Live
2008 One Kind Favor
2009 Live At The BBC


Year Name Chart
R&B Pop Rock UK[1]
1949 “Miss Martha King” (Bullet)        
1949 “Got the Blues”        
1950 “Mistreated Woman” (RPM)        
“The Other Night Blues”        
“I Am”        
“My Baby’s Gone”        
1951 “B. B. Blues”        
“She’s a Mean Woman”        
“Three O’Clock Blues” #1      
1952 “Fine-Looking Woman”        
“Shake It Up and Go”        
“Someday, Somewhere”        
“You Didn’t Want Me”        
“Story from My Heart and Soul” #9      
1953 “Woke Up this Morning with a Bellyache”        
“Please Love Me” #1      
“Neighborhood Affair”        
“Why Did You Leave Me”        
“Praying to the Lord”        
1954 “Love Me Baby”        
“Everything I Do Is Wrong”        
“When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer” #8      
“You Upset Me Baby” #1      
1955 “Sneaking Around” #14      
Every Day I Have the Blues[2] #8      
“Lonely and Blue”        
“Shut Your Mouth”        
“Talkin’ the Blues”        
“What Can I Do (Just Sing the Blues)”        
“Ten Long Years”[3] #9      
1956 “I’m Cracking Up Over You”        
“Crying Won’t Help You” #15      
“Did You Ever Love a Woman?”        
“Dark Is the Night, Pts. I & II”        
Sweet Little Angel #6      
“Bad Luck”[4] #3      
“On My Word of Honor” #3      
1957 “Early in the Morning”        
“How Do I Love You”        
“I Want to Get Married” #14      
“Troubles, Troubles, Troubles”[5] #13      
“(I’m Gonna) Quit My Baby”        
“Be Careful with a Fool”[6]   #95    
“The Keyblade to My Kingdom”        
1958 “Why Do Everything Happen to Me” (Kent)        
“Don’t Look Now, But You Got the Blues”        
“Please Accept My Love” #9      
“You’ve Been an Angel”[7] #16      
“The Fool”        
1959 “A Lonely Lover’s Plea”        
“Time to Say Goodbye”        
“Sugar Mama”        
“Army Of The Lord”      
1960 “Sweet Sixteen, Pt. I” #2      
“You Done Lost Your Good Thing”        
“Things Are Not the Same”        
“Bad Luck Soul”        
“Hold That Train”        
1961 Someday Baby        
“Peace of Mind”[8] #7      
“Bad Case of Love”        
1962 “Lonely”        
“I’m Gonna Sit Till You Give In” (ABC)        
“Down Now” (Kent)        
1963 “The Road I Travel”        
“The Letter”        
“Precious Lord”        
1964 “How Blue Can You Get” (ABC)   #97[9]    
“You’re Gonna Miss Me” (Kent)        
“Beautician Blues”        
“Help the Poor” (ABC)   #98[9]    
“The Worst Thing in My Life” (Kent)        
Rock Me Baby   #34[9]    
“The Hurt” (ABC)        
“Never Trust a Woman”   #90[9]    
Please Send Me Someone to Love        
“Night Owl”        
1965 “I Need You”        
“All Over Again”        
“I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water”        
“Blue Shadows” (Kent)        
“Just a Dream”        
“You’re Still a Parallelogram” (ABC)        
“Broken Promise” (Kent)        
1966 Eyesight to the Blind        
“Five Long Years”        
Ain’t Nobody’s Business        
“Don’t Answer the Door, Pt. I” (ABC) #2 #72    
“I Say in the Mood” (Kent) #45      
“Waitin’ for You” (ABC)        
1967 “Blues Stay Away” (Kent)        
“The Jungle”        
“Growing Old”        
1968 “Blues for Me”        
“I Don’t Want You Cuttin’ Off Your Hair” (Bluesway)        
“Shoutin’ the Blues” (Kent)        
“Paying the Cost to Be the Boss” (Bluesway) #10 #39    
“I’m Gonna Do What They Do to Me” #26 #74    
“The B. B. Jones”   #98    
“You Put It on Me”[10] #25 #82    
“The Woman I Love” #31 #94    
1969 “Get Myself Somebody”        
“I Want You So Bad”        
“Get Off My Back Woman”[11] #32 #74    
“Why I Sing the Blues” #13 #61    
“Just a Little Love” #15 #76    
“I Want You So Bad” #34      
1970 The Thrill Is Gone #3 #15    
“So Excited” #14 #54    
“Hummingbird” #25 #48    
Worried Life #48      
“Ask Me No Questions” (ABC) #18 #40    
“Chains and Things” #6 #45    
1971 “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother”        
“Help the Poor” (re-recording) #36 #90    
“Ghetto Woman” #18 #40    
“The Evil Child” #34 #97    
1972 “Sweet Sixteen” (re-recording) #37 #93    
“I Got Some Help I Don’t Need” #28 #92    
“Ain’t Nobody Home” #28 #46    
“Guess Who” #21 #62    
1973 “To Know You Is to Love You” #12 #38    
1974 “I Like to Live the Love” #6 #28    
“Who Are You” #27 #78    
“Philadelphia” #19 #64    
1975 “My Song”        
“Friends”[12] #34      
1976 Let the Good Times Roll #20      
1977 “Slow and Easy” #88      
1978 “Never Make a Move Too Soon” #19      
“I Just Can’t Leave Your Love Alone” #90      
1979 “Better Not Look Down” #30      
1981 “There Must Be a Better World Somewhere” #91      
1985 “Into the Night” #15      
“Big Boss Man” #62      
1988 When Love Comes to Town” (with U2)   #68 #2[13] #6
1992 “The Blues Come Over Me” #63      
“Since I Met You Baby”       #59
2000 “Riding with the King” (with Eric Clapton)     #26

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