Blues Guitar Lick with Pentatonic Minor Scale

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Blues Guitar Lick with Pentatonic Minor Scale - Blues Guitar Lesson

Blues Guitar Lick with Pentatonic Minor Scale -- Blues Guitar Lesson

Hey, how’s it going guys. This is John McClennan
and I’m here with, bringing you
this video blog. I want to show you just a cool
way of approaching a typical pentatonic formula
that we hear all the time sequencing notes in the
pentatonic scale. But now, with a little twist on
it, adding some slides and moving throughout the
range of the instrument. That’s one of the things
that I like to do, is not play positionally,
meaning in one spot. Move across the guitar.
It also gives you a different sound, of course,
as well.

This lick that we’re playing can be over D minor
and we’re going to start. If you think you can stay
in D minor, VII chord right here, it’s going to come
right off the 5th of that chord, and we’re going to
slide to the 7th. So there’s our first sequence.
And then we’re going to slide up to the 5th again.

So be sure to click the link below for the tab for this.
But here it is slowly. Ending right up there on the D
root note. So you don’t have to use the entire phrase,
you just might us parts of it as a way of getting from
one place on the guitar to the other. So check it out
up to speed one more time.

All right, my name is John McClennan and we’ll see you
in the next video. Thanks for watching.