How to Play This Cool Guitar Lick for Ending a Blues in the Key of G

Cool Lick for Ending a Blues in G -- Easy Blues Guitar Lesson

Cool Lick for Ending a Blues in G - Easy Blues Guitar Lesson

How’s it going, guys? This is John McClennan
and I’m here with, bringing
you this video lesson. Here’s a great blues
ending lick that you can use.

We’re playing in the key of G and we start out
by hitting that bass note; I use my thumb. The
root note and then a slide into the 7th fret;
7th and 7th; which could almost be thought of
as another G7 chord here. And I play 7, 7, 7 —
I’m using pick and fingers here. And then I play
them together. I move down a half step, 6, 6; 5,
5. And then 3 and 3 here with a quick hammer-on
with my 2nd finger to give us a major chord.

Then I play an A flat 13, which is another thumb
chord that I like to use: 4th fret, 4th fret, 5th
fret, 6th fret, 6th fret. Resolving down a half
step, taking the pinkie off and barring with my
first finger into a G13 as well. So you get this melody.
Hear that?

So here it is one more time. You can exaggerate
those ending chords, you know, the big tremolo
on that. So great blues endings.

Click the link for the tab and we’ll see you in
the next lesson. Thanks for watching.

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