John Mayall – A pioneering English Blues Singer, Songwriter And Multi-Instrumentalist.

Blues guitarist John Mayall, the founder of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, is a pioneering English blues singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, who has been a great influence on many artists including Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Peter Green, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, etc. Born on November 29, 1933, in Macclesfield, England, Mayall—perhaps affected by his guitarist and jazz music enthusiast father, Murray Mayall—was attracted to the sounds of American blues players from an early age and taught himself to play the guitar, harmonica, and piano. In 1963, blues guitarist Mayall started his full time musical career and he has been living in the U. S. since the end of the 1960s.

Top 5 Songs

All Your Love
So Many Roads
Parchman Farm
Key to Love
Looking Back

Top 3 Albums

Bare Wires
Empty Rooms


Original John Mayall albums
1965: John Mayall Plays John Mayall
1966: Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton
1967: A Hard Road
1967: Bluesbreakers with Paul Butterfield
1967: Crusade
1967: The Blues Alone
1968: The Diary of a Band – Volume One
1968: The Diary of a Band – Volume Two
1968: Bare Wires
1968: Blues from Laurel Canyon
1969: Looking Back
1969: Thru the Years
1969: The Turning Point
1970: Empty Rooms
1970: USA Union
1971: Back to the Roots
1971: Memories
1972: Jazz Blues Fusion
1973: Moving On
1973: Ten Years Are Gone
1974: The Latest Edition
1975: New Year, New Band, New Company
1975: Notice to Appear
1976: Banquet in Blues
1977: Lots of People
1977: A Hard Core Package
1977: Primal Solos
1978: The Last of the British Blues
1979: Bottom Line
1980: No More Interviews
1982: Road Show Blues
1985: Return Of The Bluesbreakers
1985: Behind the Iron Curtain
1987: Chicago Line
1988: The Power of the Blues
1988: (<-1971) Archives to Eighties
1990: A Sense of Place
1992: Cross Country Blues
1993: Wake Up Call
1994: The 1982 Reunion Concert
1995: Spinning Coin
1997: Blues for the Lost Days
1999: Padlock on the Blues
1999: Rock the Blues Tonight
1999: Live at the Marquee 1969
1999: The Masters
1999: Live:1969
2001: Along for the Ride
2002: Stories
2003: 70th Birthday Concert
2005: Road Dogs
2005: Rolling with the Blues
2007: Live at the BBC
2007: In the Palace of the King
2007: Live from Austin, Tx
2009: Tough

Unofficial, limited editions & bootlegs
1990: Crocodile Walk
1984: Blues Alive
198?: Back to the Roots
198?: Dal vivo a Milano
1996: Bulldogs For Sale
199?: Beano’s Boys
199?: The first 5 years
199?: Simply Outstanding, live at the Fillmore West ’68
1999: Horny Blues
1999: Mayallapolis Blues
2000: Time Capsule
2001: UK Tour 2K
2001: Boogie Woogie Man
2001: Archive:live
2003: No Days Off

1964: “Crawling Up The Hill / Mr. James”
1965: “Crocodile Walk / Blues City Shakedown”
1965: “I’m Your Witchdoctor / Telephone Blues”
1966: “Lonely Years / Bernard Jenkins”
1966: “Parchman Farm / Key To Love”
1966: “Looking Back / So Many Roads”
1967: “Sitting In The Rain / Out Of Reach”
1967: “Curly / Rubber Duck”
1967: “I’m Your Witchdoctor/ Telephone Blues”
1967: “Double Trouble / It Hurts Me Too”
1967: “Suspicions Pt.1 / Suspicions Pt.2”
1968: “Picture On The Wall / Jenny”
1968: “No Reply / She’s Too Young”
1968: “The Bear / 2401”

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