How to Play The Major Seventh Chord Voicings

Cool Guitar Lesson on Chord Voicings -- Major Seventh Chord Vocings

Cool Guitar Lesson on Chord Voicings - Major Seventh Chord Vocings

How’s it going, guys? This is John McClennan
and I’m here with, bringing
you this video blog. What we’re looking at
today is basically 7th chords with melodies
that move in the inner part of the chord.
So it’s a pretty hip thing. Check this out.

Before I was showing you our stock sort of
major 7 chord voicings like this. What we’re
going to do is we’re going to just take out
the 5th of that chord and that’s going to leave
us with these notes: the root, the 7th and the 3rd.

And we’re going to play it like this. Second finger,
3rd finger, pinkie. This gives us a finger free to
be able to move that inner note like this. So that’s
the first part of the example you’ll see in the tab.

This is a D minor 7 now: 5, 5, 6. And then that middle
note goes back to the next note in the scale and then
I move that up a whole step. And then I’m here to
where — the very first chord, but up here on
the — now my 1st finger is on the 7th fret.

So what this enables you to do is play a chord
like if you’re comping and go… Just a cool way
of moving the notes around. You can also add
chromatic notes. You don’t have to necessarily
just use the scale. So it can be real nice. Even in my
funk playing I might use it, like if I’m going…
Whatever, just to create a little inner moving melody.
So practice this.

Here’s the example one more time that you’ll see
in the tab. Be sure to click the link below for
the tab for this. But here we go. And come back down.

All right, so that’s it for this lesson.
Practice those examples and we’ll see you next time.

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