How To Use The Guitar Chords In First Inversions



How’s it going, guys? This is John McClennan and
I’m here with, excited to bring
you this video lesson. We’re going to look at the
chords in the key of E and one cool thing that I’m
going to show you is using chords in first inversions.

What that means is the 3rd of the chord is in the bass.
So if you have a triad you have the root, the 3rd and
the 5th. And so if we take an E chord, the 3rd of an E
chord is going to be G sharp. So we’re going to put that
in the bass and these chords just have a cool sound to
them and can be great for when you’re playing a sequence
of chords and want to sort of have like bass movement
in it. Click the link below and let’s get started here.

We’ve go the first chord which is a firs inversion E chord.
So you’ve got the 4th fret, 2nd fret, 4th fret, 5th fret,
a real cool chord. And then I’m going to go to an F sharp
minor with first inversion as well. All these chords
are going to be first inversion. And we’ve got 5th, 4th,
6th, 7th fret. So normally your bass note is there. If
you have a bass player he’s going to play that. And then
you move that up a whole step and that’s going to be G
sharp minor. And then you’re going to go to your very
first chord shape, but with your 1st finger on the 7th.
So this chord would be 9-7-9-10. And then move that up a
whole step. You’ve got 11-9-11-12 and this would be a B
over D sharp. And then here comes your C sharp minor, same
shape: 12-11-13-14. And then you’re going to go to your D
sharp diminished which would be 14-13-14-16. And then the
very first chord, up the octave, B over G sharp.

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