How to Play Triads in A Minor On Guitar – Part 2

How to Play Triads in A Minor - Easy Harmony Guitar Lesson -- Part II

How to Play Triads in A Minor - Easy Harmony Guitar Lesson - Part II

Hi. I’m John McClennan and I’m bringing
this lesson for
I want to show you some great triad
voicings on the lower strings.

So we’re in the key of A minor and let’s
just start out with three different
positions on the guitar for an A minor.
Remember, what a triad is, is just a
three-note chord. So I’m going to take
my pinkie, play the 5th fret, 3rd fret
and then 2nd fret. So here’s my A minor.

And as I invert that, meaning going up to
the next chord possibility, I’m going to
get 8, 7, 7, and here’s my A minor there.
And then last but not least, 12, 12, 10.
There’s your A minor there. So three voicings.
Just real cool sounding chords.

What we’re going to do now is we’re going
to move from an A minor to a D minor to an
A minor to an E, back to the A minor.
So just a small little cadence here like
you would play in classical music. So here’s
A minor. I go to my D minor it looks like this.
A minor and then E, A minor.

Again, be sure to click the link below for the
tab for all these chord shapes. But this is
the first position. Now I’m going to go up
to the next chord voicing that I showed you
and we’re going to do the same chord progression.
A minor, here’s my D minor, A minor and
then E, A minor. Inverted again, A minor,
D minor, A minor, E, A minor. Just real cool chords.

I like to use these. If you play in a band
it’s great to — if one guitar player is playing
A minor in, say, a stock voicing like this, maybe
you’re going to come up with another part
underneath like… And being familiar with as many
different voicings, you can create arrangements.
Everybody, all the guitar players in the band aren’t
chugging along, playing the same riff in unison.

That can be cool sometimes, but how do you go beyond
and make it like orchestral, just like in an orchestra
the violins are going to play one thing and then the
cellos are going to play something different.
So you’ve got to expand.

So once again, one more time through those voicings.
A minor, D minor, A minor, E, A minor. Move it up.
Move it up. All for just A minor. So lots of possibilities.
Have fun exploring that.

Click the link below and we’ll see you next time.
Thanks for watching.

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