12 Days of Christmas – Day 1 of 12

Ho ho ho!

Santa Claude Johnson here bringing you yet another
“12 Days of Christmas”… Each day for 12 days I’ll
have a video lesson — either with a guitar lesson
or a trivia contest where you can win a prize.

Jimmy Dillon will be helping out the lessons this year.

You can also grab the $1 Christmas Guitar Coruse.
It has 15 video lessons with tabs, showing you how
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There’s something for everyone – easy strum stuff
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Plus this year you also get the “12 Wisemen” Bonus,
which is a collection of licks from 12 of the greatest
guitarists ever like Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen,
Pete Townshend, and more…

It’s $1 only! and 100% of the proceeds go to Charity-
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Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas and welcome
to 2012 12 Days of Christmas. I’m your host
Santa Claude Johnson and for the next 12 days
I’ll be giving you some killer guitar lessons.
But before we get started I’d like
to invite you to sign-up for
the 2012 Christmas Guitar course.
It’s only $1 which goes to help the
kids at Blue Star Music Camp. You’ll
get 15 Christmas song lessons plus the
amazing 12 Wisemen bonus which shows
you some licks from the greatest
guitarists of all time. So just click
on the link below and it will open
a new window. So you can click it now
and keep watching.

You know, Santa has gotten old and tired,
so I’ve asked number 1 Santa’s helper,
Jimmy Dillon to help out with some
lessons this year. I think you’re
going to dig the lesson. So let’s
check it out.

Hi there. I’m Jimmy Dillon and I’m here
to tell you about a brand new product
I’m creating called Eclectic Electric Guitar
number II. Now many of you are familiar
with number 1. We did Eclectic Electric
number I last year.

What I’m going to do now is I’m going to do
one day for every, 12 Days of Christmas
we’ll call it. I’m going to give you one
iconic rock lick or electric guitar lick
to go with that day. And the first one
we’ll start out with is — I wanted
to start in the beginning, sort
of a roots rock and roll moment.

What I want to show you first of
all is a really cool, just a simple
thing. It’s a D to an E chord. Now
you’ve probably heard that one a
million times in Quinton Tarantino
movies and whatnot. It’s an old lick
by Link Ray who was one of the great
old roots guys.

So you get a little attitude going.
I’ve got a pick here and I’ve got a
Stratocaster here and that’s all I’ve
ever really needed in my electric world.
But I’ve got my tremolo on, a little bit
of reverb and so all you have to do is
play it close to the bridge. Everybody
knows a D and an E chord. Those
are some of the first chords we learn.
So you start out with a D chord and that’s
as simple as it is. Just a couple of down
strokes, one, two, three. So the whole
secret to this thing is to do it with
a lot of attitude.

So now for the special opening piece
I’m going to give you a little bit of
rockabilly magic as well. What I do
is I hit a little momma daddy beat.
I call it momma daddy, momma daddy,
momma daddy. And I’m going to show
you a little kind of a — this has
been in a million different songs
from Bill Haley and the Comets to
you name it, Hot Rod Lincoln. I’ve
got a little bit of slap on it and
I’m doing a muffle lick and it goes
like this. Very simple. Kind of an
Elvis thing. Then a four, back to
the one. Now here’s where it gets
a little bit different. I hit an F
sharp on my E string and I climb.

So I wanted to show you that little lick
and I go into a lot of detail on my
Eclectic Electric II DVD. But let me
show you that one more time with the
little drum beat and you’ll get how
it goes. Here it is slowly one more
time. That’s number 1 lick. On the IV chord,
the A, we go… Same exact lick, back to the I.
Now here’s where it gets just a little bit
tricky, our F sharp.

Now I’m going to show it to you in practice
up to speed with a little drum beat. Feel that?

All right, so that’s our number 1,
backyard, getting to it, Eclectic Electric
number II lesson. There’s going to be a
whole bunch more, so come back and see us.
Stay tuned and we’ll see you then.

Okay, thanks for watching and don’t forget
to sign-up for the Christmas Guitar Course.
Also, we’ve decided to extend the sale of
the Jimmy Dillon box set. You can get all
six Jimmy Dillon courses for just $197.
You save $260, but only until the end of
the month. So grab it right now at
www.eclecticelectricguitar.com. Stay
tuned for more great lessons and I’ll see
you tomorrow. Ho, ho, ho.

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