12 Days of Christmas – Day 4 of 12

Here’s another cool lesson from Jimmy Dillon and we explore 2 classics licks. One from Muddy Waters and
the second from his “children” the Rolling Stones! Keep on Rocking!


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Well, it’s Santa Claude Johnson and it’s Day 4
of the 12 Days of Christmas. Jimmy Dillon
has another guitar lesson for you today.
Let’s check it out.

Hey there. I’m Jimmy Dillon and I’m back
with my backyard tips. I’m really excited
about my new product, Eclectic Electric
number II. Number I was last year. We had
a great time doing it and I think you had
a good time checking it out.

I wanted to show you a little bit of
Keith Richards and Muddy Waters because
those guys are inextricably connected.
Muddy came first, obviously, but the
Stones picked up on that whole bluesy
thing and then rocked it out.

So I got this guitar in Paris. I was
telling these guys earlier, from James
Trussart and I saw the Rolling Stones
at the Olympia Theater back in the ’90s
some time. Fantastic tour and it really
just moved me. So I bought this guitar.
I was so excited when I got this. James
Trussart has gone on to become an amazing
guitar maker. This one is signed by Sonny
Landreth who’s a fabulous slide player, and
it has that sound, you know. It has that
great old blues sound.

So what I wanted to share with you is when
we’re playing something like “Hoochie Coochie
Man” and a lot of blues songs with it, it just
goes like this. So you’re really working on the 4,
the 3 and the 1. A very simple way to do it is if
you’re in a G tuning, D, G; D, G, B, D. That’s the
open tuning. A lot of the old blues guys used that
tuning because you get a great voicing.

Now you can either play slide or just with your
finger like this. So really slowly. It’s open
G, C, G, B flat, G. It’s one really easy way to
do it. So I’m teaching a lot of kids at Blue Star
Music Camp, I show them how to do this move. You
can do this, you can do this, you can do that,
then you can do this. And you’re a
blues boy or girl.

Moving on from the blues, the blues
had a baby and they called it rock and roll.
I wanted to show you this is
two-for-one day. I’m going to
show you a Brown Sugar. Now if
you try to do this not in G tuning,
it’s never going to sound quite right
because you need that E string tuned
down to D to get this sound.

So if you listen hard you can hear there’s
a little bit of blues in that lick, but
it’s kick-ass rock and roll. So if you
like this kind of stuff and you want to
get more into details, check-out Eclectic
Electric II. And I’ve got a lot more iconic
rock licks for you, so stick around.

Okay. I hope you enjoyed that and we’re
not even half way done with the 12 Days
of Christmas. We’ve got a lot more great
stuff coming, starting tomorrow. So don’t
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Ho, ho, ho.

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