12 Days of Christmas – Day 8 of 12

Another great “2 for 1” lesson today from Santa’s #1 helper – Jimmy Dillon…
Check it out…

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Well, it’s Day 8 of the 12 Days of Christmas
and I promise no crazy rhyming or rapping today,
just a killer lesson from Jimmy Dillon.
Check it out.

So you say you like a little wang bar.
Who doesn’t? It’s a cool sound of the ventures.
Today, once again, I’m going to show you
two licks for the price of one.
This one is, of course, “Pipeline”.
You all recognize that one.

I’ve got a little tremolo on it. I love
the sound of tremolo. It’s got that mystery
sound, right? But then I’m also doubling-up
on the wang bar. Now in this case — this is
a beautiful guitar that I had made. It’s a
gorgeous piece. I wanted to kind of mix a
Gretsch and a Gibson together, so I did.
A guy made it for me and I got it signed
by Eric Clapton and B.B. King. I’m wearing
everything off, but who cares?

But I’m also going to double this up with
another great lick that you might recognize.
Kind of a similar vibe, isn’t it? You think
about surf music, heavy reverb, tremolo, the
James Bond stuff, which is, now with this new
James Bond movie, “Sky Fall” I think it’s called.
James Bond is back. I remember Sean Connery,
he was to me, he was like the consonant Ian
Flemming character.

But I love the sound of guitar in movies, and
that’s a classic. Everything from Quinton Tarantino
all the way to Peter Gunn. Just really sexy and fun.
So let me show you that little “Pipeline” lick.

So we start out with a… So really what
you’re working off is an A minor chord. It’s
really quite simple. So when I started that thing
out — it’s like that, right? I’m just running from
an E to a G. I’m hitting an open E, a B on my A
string and then a G note on my E string. That’s it.
That’s how that rhythm goes.

Now that I did was I kind of trick.
Sometimes I’ll drag my pinkie, or you
can do it with a pick. Here’s the lick.
I’ll take that a little bit slower for you.
It starts out on a B note and it goes like this.
You do the same exact lick, but in A position.
Then I go to a B chord, to a C chord, back
to a B chord, to a C chord.

So that was obviously a little descending, a
little double picking thing. That’s something
you can practice. Again, I cover this in Eclectic
Electric Number II. I cover all this kind of stuff.
It’s vibe-y stuff, really. It’s got a great
vibe to it.

Now, on to James Bond. That’s pretty easy. This
is the first lick I ever learned on guitar; I swear
to God. It really is. I could only play one string;
I could barely do that. But I could do the James Bond.

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