Acoustic Guitar Lesson on Fingerpicking Technique

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Acoustic Guitar Lesson on Fingerpicking Technique

Acoustic Guitar Lesson on Fingerpicking Technique

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here with and
I want to give you a real quick lesson on fingerpicking
on the acoustic guitar.

I like to use my pick while I’m doing some finger plucking.
The reason for that is because I can go from something like
this into like a nice strum and I didn’t have to let go of
my pick.

Here’s the pattern that I want to show you. Basically you’re
doing E minor to A minor. It’s an eight-note pattern and I’m
going to pick the low E string and then I’m going to go up to
the top and go from the highest down three notes. With my ring
finger on the high E string, middle finger on the B string,
and then picking the G string with a downstroke. The first
four notes.

And then the next four notes are going to be… So basically
I’m hitting the low E string then I’m doing this twice and
then I’m going to hit one more high E string. So real slow.
Speed it up a little bit. Switch chords.

Hopefully that gives you a nice little way to start doing
some fingerpicking, some hybrid fingerpicking. You can
impress your friends and tell them, yeah, I’ve been doing
hybrid picking, or whatever. It’s a great way to get started.

Click on the link in the video description and I’ll give you
the tabs for this exercise as well. If you’d like to check-out
our beginner guitar course, it’s actually taught by yours truly,
you can check that out at So check it
out. I really think you’ll dig what we’re offering with that one.