Melody vs Texture For Better Guitar Licks and Solos

Electric Guitar Lesson - Melody vs Texture Concepts

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here with
and I want to talk about some concepts that will help
you play better licks and leads and solos. This is
something I call melody versus texture.

Technically everything is a melody if you’re playing notes,
but some things, there’s a very clear melody. Something if
you were going to play like… A clear melody. Other things,
like you’d hear in a guitar solo, it could be something like…
Kind of like an Eric Clapton cliche or whatever. They both
have their place. It’s important to get a feel and a sense
of when to use each one and a great exercise is to just
start off with really melodic stuff and then get into
more textural stuff.

I think that’s a better way to think of it than playing
fast versus playing slow. I get deep into these concepts
in my course, “Super Charged Soloing Made Simple”, which
you can check-out at But
let me, right now, put on a backing track and I’ll play
an example for you, starting-off — this will be like a
slow blues in A and I’ll start-off with just pure melodic
stuff and then I’ll play more texturally and you’ll
hopefully see what it means.

Let me get up and hit the button here and
We’ll see what happens. Here we go.

That was melody. Here’s texture.

Now maybe back to some melody.

Now more texture. And so on.

I hope that made sense. If you’d like to get more ways
to really supercharge your soloing check-out
“Super Charged Soloing Made Simple” at
Thanks for watching and take care.

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