My take on a “jump blues”

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Hey guys… I decided to record my own take on the “jump blues”
as inspired by Jimmy Dillon…

Gave ya some tabs too 🙂

By the way , this is inspired by the ROCKIN THE BLUES DELUXE course. 🙂


Okay, so basically it’s just like a 1-4-5 blues.
I’m just using this jazz voicing or the 7th chord
with my thumb on the low E of the 8th fret and
middle finger on the D of the 8th fret and ring
finger on the 9th of the G fret.

The strum is kind of like one-and, two-and, and,
four-and; and, two-and, and, four-and. You can
also try it just with your thumb or your nail,
get a different sound. Or with a pick.

Anyway, I’m also using these little half-step slides,
which really implies a 1-4 change. It’s kind of like
that chord, but not really switching the root note.
But this is like an inverted F-7. So you just take
these top two notes, try sliding it back one half
step or applying that 4. Pretty cool, right? Because
we have the A, which is the 3rd of the F and the E
flat, which is the 7th of the F.

Anyway, what I’m doing here with the licks —
I got this one — a typical blues sliding 6th.
And then I do this one leading into the turnaround.
Okay. So root on the 10th fret of the D string, and
then on the G string I just go up chromatically and
then I jump to the high E string. Basically we’re in
the C pentatonic and we go right down the scale.
So far we have this.

Then when we get back to the G string we go…
And then… Kind of back and forth on the A string
chromatically. Check the tabs for that. Into the 5th.
We wrap it up with another lick.