The "1-2-3-4" Drumming Method

Learning to play the drums has never been easier. First, you need to simply count
“1-2-3-4” in rhythm. Then, we are going to add in each limb, one at a time.

We start with the right hand on the hi-hat. You can hit it on each beat –
1 -2 -3 – 4.

Next, we’ll add the left hand on the snare drum. However, here we will only
hit it on beats 2 and 4.

Third, we add the bass drum kick with our right foot on beats 1 and 3.

Finally, (step 4), we’ll add the hi-hat pedal with the left foot on beats 2 and 4.

That’s it — you’re playing the drums! What could be simpler?

For more info and pictures on this method, see

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