Easy Guitar Tab Songs

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Hey guys! Gaby Soule here from GuitarControl.com, today we’re going to check out some easy guitar tab songs, and some cool tips on how you can improve by learning them.

Guitar tabs are one of the greatest ways to figure out songs quickly, especially when you are wondering how a certain song, riff, solo or lick is really executed by the guitar players that we like listening to.

You can get all the details that are hard to figure out in a live video by reading a tab, since they are meant to describe precisely every note in terms of frets, strings, and even fingering or picking, plus other expression signs such as bends, slides, legato, tremolo bar, harmonics, vibrato and much more.

The first step would be to start with simple tabs, where you only need to find the notes on the fretboard.


Then it would be great to start incorporating the most widely spread guitar tab signs, which are basically all those that I mentioned before but in this case it is particularly important to realize that the type of piece, solo, phrase, etc, that you are trying to learn will determine which signs are more commonly used in that specific style.


Let’s say, as an example, that if you are studying a Van Halen solo, you’ll need to understand the signs that are related, for instance, to the use of the tremolo bar and to the two-handed tapping technique, while if you are trying to get into an Eric Clapton’s riff or lick, you are going to need some bending and sliding reading skills.


Another useful thing is trying to concentrate on the parts of a song that you can play with a certain ease, rather than focusing on those that are too hard for you, at least for now. If you are starting to play a song you really like, and the intro works great for you, but the solo is still too complex for your current technique, don’t stop playing the intro or any other part of the song. Keep on working on it, using all the riffs, chords and melodies that match with the technical level that you feel comfortable with.

Keep on playing! See you soon!


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