Easy songs to learn on the guitar

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CMC here, folks. Greeting from Hollywood, California! If
you’ve have read my other article EASY GUITAR SONGS FOR
BEGINNERS, you know I talked about the songs I first remember
learning. But I wanted to also see what else people are
talking about on other forums. I was glad to see that House
of the Rising Sun was on other lists as well. Maybe it’s #1
on the the all time EASY SONGS TO LEARN ON THE GUITAR list!

Anyway, here are three more to add:

House of the Rising Sun -Once you’ve decided to move up from
basic strumming, you can try some basic picking. As I said, I
only strummed this song but picking is a great step up in
complexity. Both The Animals and Dylan recorded this and of
course, countless others have played it. And here’s some cool
info on the origins of the song. I found that. True to my
memory and the tale I’d been told,the song is about “a house
of ill repute” in ‘Nawlins. A guidebook called “Offbeat New
Orleans” places the house at 826-830 Louis St. between the
years of 1862-1864. The building was supposedly named after
its madam Marianne LeSolei Levant, which means “The Rising
Sun” in French.

You can also check out this lesson and learn a famous guitar song by LENNY KRAVITZ

For What It’s Worth – by Buffalo Springfield, one of my first
favorites. They were a 60’s band that included both Stephen
Stills and Neil Young and was the precursor to CSN&Y. The
song has only two chords, E and A, also staples in countless
other songs.

Silent Night – has always been a favorite an since I am a
Christian and is an easy song to play. Only three chords, the
guitar version is simple and yet full of Amazing Grace! Great
for beginners but also Christmassy and smooth. That might get
you in the mood to try any one of many other Holiday songs
coming up, four months from this writing. (In August heat!)

These three are just the tip of the proverbial musical
iceberg. The best thing about these easy-Peavey songs to
learn on guitar is that by the time you’ve mastered any one
of these easy songs to learn on guitar, you’ll have also
added new skillz to your toolbag.

Also remember that if you are looking for tons of guitar songs,
I recommend you to check out our song collection:


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