Learn lots of fingerpicking styles

Hey Guitarists!

Ok, a few words about the Fingerpicking
package that we’ll be releasing on

1. First of all, this is a massive 15 DVD
package. Really, it will provide you
with years and years of things to play
and practice. Perhaps a lifetime…

Although fingerpicking is literally
a technique, it sometimes is referred
to as a “style”, but Stefan will
be using fingerpicking in many different

This package contains tons of awesome lessons that
cover many styles such as blues, folk,
and ragtime.

In today’s video, we can see Stefan explaining
part of fingerpicking blues solo.

Anyway, regarding the different styles,
you can learn all of it so you can play a wide
variety of cool stuff and become a very well-rounded
musician… You can also choose to just have fun, and
pick and choose your favorite bits.

And dont forget you’ll get all the tabs in
phyiscal printed booklets that come with the DVDs.

2. If a 15 DVD package seems a little much to
order at once, don’t worry becuase we
will be releasing smaller packages ,
but these will be released a bit later.

However, I strongly recommend grabbing the 15 DVD package –
we’re offering the 15 DVD package first because its
the best deal and we want to give the serious
guitarists the first shot at grabbing the package.
(We have 72 in stock)

I love “rewarding” movers and shakers.
If you’re one of the first 5 people to order on
Thursday at 12:00 pm EST (9 am Pacific Time) —
you will receive tons of additional guitar courses on DVD
plus A FREE GUITAR… but just for the fast action folks.
I want to make you really glad you ordered right away 🙂

So make sure to come here as soon as you can on
Thursday at noon EST so you dont miss out.


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