Its all going down tomorrow…

Ok, so the fingerpicking DVDs are coming out tomorrow.

I just counted, and there’s actually 93 SONGS!
And all of them are amazing, really. WOW.

A lot of people are asking, Claude, how much is
this gonna cost? Do I have to get all 15 DVDS?

I’m going to come out with the best deal possible
on Thursday for all 15 DVDs…

Then the other packages will be announced
in the following days.

But why fight your destiny to own this – why not
grab one of the 72 “big packages” I have
in stock on Thursday.

You’ll save money and win big.

Here’s another question: What exactly are the
fast action bonuses.

Ok, for the first 5 people:

You get:

1. Your choice of either the 12 DVD Claude Johnson
collection (Killer Guitar Control Secrets, Killer
Lead Guitar Made Simple, The Ultimate Beginner’s
Guitar Course, Acoustic Mastery, and How to Play
Smokin Blues).


The “Triple threat package” that includes 8 advanced
DVDs of lessons from 3 guitar virtuosos.


your choice of either a Jay Turser Thinline acoustic
electric, or the Robson electric guitar pack complete
with amplifier and distortion.

(If you live oversees, we wont be able to ship you a
guitar, but we’ll give you lifetime membership to
Guitar Scale System, Tone Tutor, and Guitar God Games
– a $450 value)

So, be here at 12 noon Thursday EST and get ready
to win.

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