Acoustic Guitar Teachers – What You Need to Learn From Them

Acoustic guitar teachers specialize in the acoustic guitar. Few will be masters of all styles or genres and usually teach either steel string or nylon string and sometimes both. This article will cover some of what acoustic guitar teachers may teach you based on what style you are interested in.

*Folk Guitar: Folk guitar is one of the most popular styles learned today. It can be learned on a steel string or a nylon string acoustic guitar. Things that acoustic guitar teachers may teach you are; major, minor, 7th and minor 7th chords in bar and open formats, using open tunings, playing with a guitar pick or finger style as well as pentatonic and major scales.

*Spanish and Classical Guitar: Almost exclusively played on nylon stringed guitars with wider necks and string spacing for finger picking, but can be learned on a steel stringed guitar as well. With this style acoustic guitar teachers could teach you; finger picking and right hand finger identification, 7 tone scales and exotic scales from around the world, arpeggios, finger picking techniques like the “rest stroke” and the “free stroke” and to read musical notation in all of the positions of the fret board.

*Blues Guitar: For this style steel string guitars are the most common, but you can still learn on a nylon stringed guitar. Acoustic guitar teachers for the blues may show you; 12 bar chord progressions like 1-4-5 and 1-4-5-flat 6, major, minor, 7th, and minor 7th open and bar chords, shuffle chord progressions, minor pentatonic scales, to play with a guitar pick, finger style or a combination of both (hybrid picking). You could learn techniques like slides, bends, and hammer on/pull offs.

*Country Guitar: This style too also is dominated by the steel stringed acoustic guitar, but there are some country players that use nylon string guitars as well. Country acoustic guitar teachers may teach you; major, minor, 7th, and minor 7th open and bar chords, to play with your fingers, a guitar pick or both with a technique called “hybrid picking” which is an intricate part of the country style called “chickin pickin”.

When seeking acoustic guitar teachers you can do an online search. Many professional acoustic guitar teachers have there own websites that contain a lot of information about them, such as; location, experience, rates, styles and genres that they teach, as well as student reviews that can be very helpful when trying to choose a teacher.

You can also check at your local music store, many of which offer lessons at the store or participate in local teacher referral programs or store employees may just familiar with the local community of acoustic guitar teachers and could point you in the right direction to get started on your acoustic guitar musical adventure.

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