A Wild True Story About Mortal Combat, Million-dollar Research
And Becoming a Guitar God VERY, VERY Fast…
By Virtuwul

Hey folks,

This is Claude’s good friend, Virtuwul…
And I want to share a personal information
and I think you’ll be surprised how it will
impact your guitar playing.

It started when I was 19 years old.
I was a young intense guy who was
looking for the most powerful self-defense
system on the planet.

I had tried traditional martial arts and
it just didn’t cut the cake for me. The fact is

When I want something I want it NOW.
(You’ll see how this led to one of the greatest
guitar practicing discoveries ever in a minute.)

So by pure dumb luck, one day I read an ad
about a guy who kicked the ass of 3 neo-nazi
skinheads (and told them to “go get more guys”).

He had trained Navy Seals, SWAT, Delta Forces…
He was American Kickboxing Champion,
The #1 rated shootboxer in the world
and all kinds of other crazy things.

This guy sounded like the real deal,
so I took the plunge and ordered
his DVDs.

A few weeks later, I get them and pop them in
and I was in SHOCK and AWE.

This was IT. This was what I had secretly
been wishing for my entire life…

First of all, there was a dude who weighed
135 lbs soaked wet and he was a killing machine.

What I saw next is the KEY PART that will
change how you practice guitar forever…

He did some really weird, strange DRILLS.

Now, there’s no way I can explain in writing
what I saw. It would take 20 pages to detail it.

Then, he explained that he was literally
re-wiring the skinny dudes nervous system.
The most mindblowing part is: I SAW IT.

I actually saw the guy’s speed go up DOUBLE
in front of my own eyes in less than 5 minutes.

Here’s what I did next…

I was so blown away that I contacted this
legend and I said I needed to train with him.

I’ll just cut to the chase: he made me a very,
VERY deadly man.

Even the very first training session, he did
those crazy nervous system drills and I
tripled my speed. I know it sounds insane,
but I swear I’m not exaggerating.

I was probably (and maybe still am?)
the deadliest guitar player alive and
I’m not talking about my guitar skills.

Of course, I became close friends with
this killing-machine and he shared the
insider scoop where this ultra-powerful
nervous system drills came from.

The short story is… that he infiltrated
an underground group of streetfighters
in his early 20′s and they had gotten
hold of this Russian nervous system technology
that had made Russia the greatest olympic
team in the world (they were winning
gold medal after gold medal using this process).

It works for ANY physical endeavor –

So last year, I was talking to Claude on
the phone and I shared with him the
entire story. He was intrigued…

Then, I gave him a specific protocol
to test out on the guitar.

He did — and he was amazed!

He actually “FELT” his nervous system
shift up a gear.

Then, he explained to me that he was building
a cool new system that was going to make
practicing 10X more fun.

I said: “DUDE… You absolutely need to program
the russian nervous system technology inside of the guitar scale system.
It’s going to make the guys improve 5X faster in
the same amount of time!”

So, he agreed…

And here we are, just days away from
opening the doors to what I think it’s
going to the coolest “guitar club” on the web.

I’ll be sharing an interesting report with you
later this week about how your nervous system
works and I think it will help you practice
in a whole new way.

Rock on,
Creator of Acoustic Mastery

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