Secrets of the Jam Masters are now available!!!

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A) First 3 buyers win a SPEAR GUITAR.
These guitars are worth over $500.
They look super cool and sound amazing.

B) The first 10 buyers get free Rokstark package including:
3 sets of Rokstark strings and 1 Rokstark cable.

C) WIN A $18,000 GUITAR

The first 100 buyers will win raffle tickets to win a
Bob Weir autographed guitar. The last one that was sold
at auction in San Francisco sold for $18,000.

The earlier you buy the more tickets you win.
If you’re the first buyer you get 100 tickets.
If you’re the 100th buyer, you get 1 ticket.

We’re trying to keep things as fair as possible
due to the value of this guitar.

Don’t miss out…

Just refresh this page at “GO” time!